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Tamarack Landscaping Inc. wants to be most efficient with its client’s valuable time, and so we will come on site, hear your project ideas, and discuss with you the best possible results.

Overall, our estimating process is as follows:

  1. Measure the project area.

  2. Consult with nurseries for best pricing and quality products.

  3. Determine what products that will be used (plants, pavers, trees, mulch, etc.)

  4. Draw out final project details for customer review.

  5. Calculate the hours of labor to acheive final result.

  6. Modify as needed per customer requirements.

  7. Give customer final quote for the entire project.

Our estimating process is free of charge, because we are confident that you will receive our best pricing possible to make us the most competitive landscaping company in the area.

We encourage you to get multiple quotes from other landscaping companies so you can compare pricing and services.  At the end of the day, we offer professional landscaping designs and services that is unmatched by our competitors!

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